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November 21 2017

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People don't exist and the whole W O R L D is filled with nothing more than hollow characters that partake in the "S C E N A R I O" as substituted extras. My whole life is but an unexplainable  C R E A T I O N, that was established to fuck my mind up, or whatever it is that makes me think about things and stuff on such an  E X T R A T E R R E S T R I A L level.
Is it depression any longer?
Or is it some kind of mental illnes that has not been discovered yet, that makes me think like I am thinking? So many tough Q U E S T I O N S, so little answers.    Potential unexpressed turns to pain
Fuck all that exists, I love all that exists.
Poor guy me
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into the wild.

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November 13 2017

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Matthew Murray

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